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Hola Mundo! July 14, 2009

Posted by jbruelasdgo in Personal.

I have been thinking for a long time in creating a blog about my main interests, which by the way are related to improve the way you manage your datacenters, servers and applications hosted on those servers. My main goal here is to present you with Virtualization products and technologies related to virtualization – either hardware, software or politics 😉 .

So who am I ?  Well, my name is Jose B Ruelas. I work, live, sleep and breath virtualization. I even have a position as a Senior Virtualization Consultant for a small company. Most of my time goes with VMware products and solutions around VMware.  Those are my “assignments”. What I am not by assignment, but instead by fanatical true-believer is that I am a virtualization super fan (it does not matter neither a company nor product) .

Personal Manifesto:  What I write here is my personal opinion, it does not represent or endorse corporate agendas and I will try to maintain my thoughts open to whatever product, company, solution, etc that comes to my mind (What I will try is to maintain my thoughts around virtualization).

What is my history?  kind of a weird one. I come from a small village in Durango, Mexico. I went to pursuit an IT career which by the way I finished in 1998.  I come from a hard working family who knows what it means to work day per day (the only worry was what you were going to have for food the next day). My roots, beliefs, personal soul, etc come from my family and the place I was raised.

I have worked as a technical support guy in a branch, a security administrator in a small datacenter, a developer (I will never forget Uniface!!), and then I became a VMware Consultant back in 2004. Since then I have come across different IT technologies, and the ones that have my heart and passion have something to do with virtualization.

I actually hold several accreditations by VMware (28 actually, not that they represent something, but hey I worked hard to get them), so it seems I need to regain focus on some other technologies, like Microsoft, Citrix, RedHat, Cisco, etc (AM I a versatilist or a specialist??? I believe I am a versatil person so….. I actually need to regain focus)

I hope I can create some good stuff here, so there you have it… hope I will see you around.  (BTW sometimes I will write in English, sometimes in Spanish.


Jose B Ruelas Casas


1. Angel Nava - July 14, 2009

Muchas felicidades Chavo por esta nueva actividad y que habla muy bien ti, que eres una persona que le gusta compartir, esperamos tu primera entrega y buena suerte.



jbruelasdgo - August 10, 2009

gracias Angel, tu sabes cuanto significa esto para mi (ahi dale publicidad a esto)

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